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Ageless Beauty

Have you ever noticed the beauty and grace of people growing old? The process of aging, the way older people often begin to radiate in mystical and magical ways. The character, attitudes and charm of older generations illuminate an artistry that is as seductive as it is entrancing. 

How would you describe these ageless beauties?  I see the intrigue and magnetism glowing from their faces and from their body language as well.

The adjectives that come to mind when I look at people growing old:  radiant, spirited, sexy, confident, sassy, stylish, wise, electric, chic, vibrant, feisty, bold, seasoned and oh so cool. Ageless beauty is a standalone marvel.

With so many people growing old, where has society gone wrong? When did we start to believe that beauty and allure become elusive as people age. 

What explains our cultural obsession with youthfulness and why are we so enamoured with anti-aging? How can we learn to embrace ourselves and the glory of old age?  

In all of this it is important to remember that loving makeup or fashion or skin care and hair dye is perfectly normal! It’s alright to want to look your best and feel healthy as you age, what isn’t alright is feeling like you have to alter your appearance to look more youthful just to be accepted in society, whether you want to apply makeup or not.

In other words, only do what feels good to you!


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