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Benefits Of Stretching Inside & Outside The Gym

Ever since your first PE class you learned that stretching is important, yet it still seems to be the easiest thing to skip at the gym. Maybe it’s because it only takes a few minutes so you easily brush it off. Even if you aren't planning to work up a sweat there are some amazing benefits of fitting stretching into your daily routine.

Stretching is typically associated with flexibility. It's true, stretching is important for injury prevention by keeping joints and muscles in peak condition. However, it can serve so much more. Stretching can improve posture, boost energy and increase your blood flow.

Not only is stretching necessary during exercise but also throughout the work day when you find yourself sitting for an extended amount of time. During or post-workout stretching helps to boost muscle health and strengthen joints.

Instead of reaching for your afternoon coffee, try a stretch break. Just a few minutes of stretching increases blood flow through your entire body, including your brain. The result, a less sluggish you.

Stretching is a great tool to help improve posture by lengthening tight muscles. In this day and age of being hunched over computers and cel phones, it's an absolute must. Keep your spine in alignment by stretching hunched shoulders and tight chest and lower back. Feel your shoulders creeping up to your ears? Stretching can help stress both mentally and physically.

Regular stretching is a great way to relieve stiff muscles. To get the full benefits make sure you are stretching correctly. Range-of-motion exercises include shoulder shrugs, wrist bends, and knee lifts—anything that keeps your muscles and joints moving through their full range of motion.

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