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Declutter Your Beauty Routine

Most of us live with a whole lot of extra “stuff.”

Unless we are extremely careful, we tend to accumulate products, clothes, papers, knickknacks, shoes, “things we might need” as we go through the world. You only need to look inside most women’s purses to confirm this.

All this extra stuff can create clutter and distraction. It makes it more difficult to feel light, free and energetic.

One place this clutter shows up for a lot of women is in our beauty routines.

We’re sold so many different products that make so many promises, and lots of them look interesting. So it can be really easy to wind up with a medicine cabinet full of half-used lotions and cosmetics that we’re never going to finish.

It’s also easy to collect a ton of products we do use, but we have more than we actually want. Or sometimes, we try out makeup or skin care that’s too heavy or too complicated to use. We are ready for something that feels lighter and easier but we’re not sure how to get there.

Here are a few strategies I’ve found to streamline things when my cabinet starts to get a little cluttered. Practicing these steps every few months keeps my makeup bag light, my beauty routine easy, and my bathroom simple, relaxing and Zen.

#1. If you haven’t used it in three months, toss it.

That cream you saw in the drugstore with the intriguing package that you never opened? Say goodbye.

The sample tinted moisturizer that came in a gift bag, which you have used exactly twice? Get rid of it.

The three colors of rose lipstick that you bought while hunting for the perfect shade—none of which are actually it? Give them away or throw them out.

#2. Start with a great moisturizer.

You don’t need all those different creams with all the different labels and tubes. In fact, most of them have the same ingredients, anyway!

Despite what a lot of skin care companies would have you think, you don’t need a different moisturizer for every single area of your body. Your skin is your skin, and a single moisturizer can take great nourishing care of it all.

#3. Look for products that do double duty.

For example a lipstick/blush stick. The more things one product can do, the less you need, the lighter you are, and the more time and space you have to create, breathe, explore and enjoy.

How have you simplified your beauty routine, and what are some of the benefits you’ve found from doing so? Let us know!

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