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Embracing Your Age

Society's definition of beauty today is troubling. How did it start? This whole breed of older women who look nothing like the women you grew up admiring (your mother, your grandmother) It seems that everywhere you turn, there are women who have altered and erased everything Mother Nature gave them. The sad thing is that most of them don't look any younger, they just look altered. Why do so many women want to get rid of the features that make them unique in favour of a cosmetic-surgery-enhanced, cookie-cutter look?

You have a choice. You can buy into these images or we can make the conscious decision not to. True beauty isn't about looking like a supermodel. True beauty is about accepting and feeling good about who you are. 

Stop obsessing

Instead of worrying about your "flaws" and the things you don't like about yourself, focus on what's right. The brightness of your eyes when the sun light hits them. Your new haircut or highlights.

Live in the now

We need to start embracing what we look like now instead of wasting so much energy feeling bad we don't look the same as we did. Soon you'll look back at photos from 10 years ago and realize how young and fresh you were! My thighs, I always thought were my problem area always wore long skirts. Now I see pictures of myself from those days and think can't even fathom what I was thinking!

Just go with it

There's just something incredibly beautiful about a woman with lines on her face, and we should really start using the word living instead of aging. Lines are proof that we've lived life. We get them when we laugh and when we express ourselves. 

Take charge of your life 

Focus on being healthy, strong and fit. Commit to making smart food choices and exercising regularly. This requires work, and it's not a quick fix, but you'll look and feel better over the long term. Let's make this one the year when you commit to pursuing your own best self!

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