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How To Find Joy In Each Day

Want more joy in your life? Who doesn't! And the good news is you don't have to spend a lot of time or money or even much effort to get it. It's there for the taking if you're ready for it. To add a little touch of joy to your day, here are 10 quick tips for how to be happier today and every day:

Do one thing that makes someone else smile. Whether it's leaving them a surprise note to find later or letting someone who's in a hurry cut in front of you in line. Seeing their day made will elevate yours.

Eat outside. Weather permitting of course, but there's something about dining al frescothat makes everything taste better. 

Savor something delicious. Taking time to smell, feel, and taste your food really does make a difference. It's no longer just eating: it's an experience.

Go for a walk. Just a few minutes of moving in the fresh air will give you more energy and more positivity. (You can thank the vitamin D.)

Do something you love. Every day? Yes. Every. Single. Day. Finding even just 5 minutes to do something for you makes a big difference in your day. 

Listen to a song that you like. Not responsible for any impromptu dance parties that may occur as a result of this one. 

Do a good deed. When you help someone else, you'll feel awesome. 

Wear something you love. Whether it's a favourite colour, a necklace that reminds you of a loved one or the person who gave it to you, or your favourite power heels, our attitudes reflect how we feel about our appearance, so wear something every day that makes you feel good.

Connect with a friend. Phone call, text, coffee -- they all count! Take even one minute to appreciate and reach out to a friend each day. 

Write down 3 positive things. Science shows that taking the time to write down 3 small happy moments from your day (they can be really, really tiny ones) makes you feel less stressed, more optimistic and get better sleep!

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  • Learn to meditate and get to know yourself, your relationship with you is vital, getting to know yourself, helps you understand others without judgement 🌸🤗

    Michelle Henderson

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