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Grow Better With Age

We can get stronger, wiser, more confident, happier, sexier, and more beautiful with age. That’s because living is a process of growth. The more time we have on this earth, the more time we have to grow, learn, and expand.

Society is full of messages for women that contradict that truth. From the day we are born, we’re bombarded with messages that we are most beautiful when we fit a youth-centered beauty ideal.

We’re told that our value peaks when we’re in our childbearing years, and getting older means becoming less visible, less relevant, less beautiful or less feminine.

These messages are everywhere, they can influence how we look at ourselves even if we don’t believe them.

These messages are so pervasive, that sometimes it’s not enough to know intellectually that we get better with age. Sometimes we have to work with ourselves—and get creative—to fully internalize what we already know about aging, and how we get happier, bolder, more confident and radiant as we get older.

If we don’t actively develop our own perception of beauty, we can wind up defaulting to the messages of so-called “beauty” we absorb from advertising. 

This search for beauty can start in the mirror!! Being “active” means not just noticing beauty, but intentionally looking for it. 

Did you know that developmental phases don’t end at 22? Neuroscience now recognizes that our brains keep developing and growing in every decade of life—especially if we stretch ourselves and keep trying new things. Meaning we don’t just develop in childhood. We keep evolving through every stage of life!

Studies have shown that one of the best predictors of increasing success and happiness is having a “growth mindset” rather than a “fixed mindset.” In other words, seeing life as an ongoing process of learning and change.

The frameworks that tell us we lose value as we age are the same frameworks that say “people just are how they are” and that our identities are fixed.

If you cultivate a mindset where you’re always growing and learning, then you’ll inevitably start seeing aging as a process of expansion!

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