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Tips For Beginners Yoga

Yoga is so accessible these days, we all know it can benefit people of various ages and body types, but if you’ve never done it before, it can be very intimidating.

Your yoga journey is unique to you. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to arrive in your first few classes without any expectations. Show up with an open heart and an open mind, and just see what happens!

No one is judging you! A hard thing to remember I know, but try. Your practice is personal, and wherever you are in the beginning of your yoga journey is right where you need to be.

Yoga postures never have to look an exact way. If you held a certain pose yesterday, it does not have to be exactly the same today! If you can surrender your expectations for what your practice should be, then you’ll find there is immense joy in being exactly where you are now. There are multiple different ways to do any yoga posture; Your body knows what it does and does not need, so do not push it into any place that it intuitively does not want to go. That doesn’t mean you can’t challenge yourself to try new things. Just remember to respect your body’s limits and know that you are still receiving the same energetic effects of the postures no matter how far you move into them.

Listen to your body. No matter your shape, size, age, flexibility or fitness level, you can practice yoga and receive the same amazing effects as the most advanced yoga gurus. The key is to listen to your body and adjust the poses accordingly. Using props like blocks and straps can make a huge difference!

Remember to breathe. Yoga is all about the breath. If at any point during your practice you feel you have lost control of your inhale or exhale, then it’s time to slow things down in a restorative posture (like Child’s Pose).

Do not skip Savasana! Its the signature pose that concludes every yoga practice. It’s a posture of ultimate relaxation, which is why many yoga students find it so difficult to quiet the mind and fully release into the posture. Though it might appear like everyone is taking a nap, there is a lot going on in Savasana. By calming the mind and body, you allow the body to de-stress and return to its natural state as a human being—not a human doing. Your body cements the effects of your yoga practice, processing and remembering the information it needs. 

Yoga is called a practice for a reason. Though it might seem too overwhelming in the beginning, know that with time and dedication, you will make progress—mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s not always easy, and you will have to commit to regularly showing up on your mat.  With patience and dedication, yoga has the power to transform lives—often in ways you could never have imagined!

Find community support. While yoga is a very personal practice, it is also all about the community. Don’t underestimate the value of finding the right group of people who can love, support and challenge you both on and off the mat. Not only will you get the support you need, this mindful connection of love with ourselves and the world around us is in many ways the essence of yoga.

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