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Is There a Yoga Class Suitable For All?

Absolutely not. You probably see this all the time. This class is suitable for everyone. This is just not true. They just want your money. 

Beginners need completely different things than an experienced student. Beginners need a different language, one they can understand. Experienced students need to build awareness. Putting the two in the same class gives them nothing.

Or, it gives them a yoga class that’s just a yoga class…and yoga is something they do for a few months. But after few months, they are left with nothing, except maybe a couple of meditation techniques.

When the instructor says it’s for everyone, when the studio advertises with a class being suitable for all levels, they do not tell you what you’ll walk away with. They will get your money. You will move for 60 minutes.

But will you walk away empowered, informed, do you even know what they are trying to teach you?

It’s not about doing a certain number of poses right according to tradition and a picture, it’s about doing what is right for you and helping you take what you need from a class, whether you are a beginner or you have been doing yoga for years.

No yoga one class is for everyone. Find a practice that makes you feel empowered, informed and feel you are building a practice you can carry on doing for life.